Cybersecurity in the new era of work

The last 6 months in 2020 have taught us, mostly because of the pandemic Covid – 19 crisis, that risks and risk management should be the main focus of most of the businesses.

Since the global context has shifted the labor market as we know it to the online world, the IT industry has been taking over most of the risk management tasks. In other words, as the online world and online technologies were growing and developing at a higher pace than usual, vulnerabilities and the number of cyber-attacks were also increasing, so it became mandatory for businesses to be dependable on cybersecurity experts.

2021 anticipates even a greater pool of opportunities and challenges for business leaders, especially from cybersecurity point of view. It is important to remember that embracing changes has an impact on adopting new technologies and trends that would guarantee your organization remains competitive in the market but especially, secure.

Why are cybersecurity professionals so in-demand right now?

The main trends in handling risks are now based on a higher performance at securing the remote workforce (especially because of the need to create secure infrastructures around the “smart” iOT devices used while working from home, exchanging and exposing data), simplifying and automating access controls (shifting to a DevSecurityOps role) or building a secure infrastructure (network infrastructure, VPN connections, Passwordless authentication, maintenance and improvements of online platforms that ensure communication between remote teams).

In the new model of work it is key to prioritize business enablement and reduce risk by innovating and creating a stronger response to threats, which is currently impacting and reshaping the IT Specialist profile in Cybersecurity.

Since the role has to embrace both technology and business approach, the cybersecurity specialist’s profile would have to combine ‘tech’ from ‘business’, ensuring the liaison between IT security and the business core.

What key skills does a cybersecurity professional need in this new era of work?

The set of skills or qualifications for Cybersecurity professionals gravitate around:

  • System administration
  • Skills in application security: (e.g. ISO 27000 series, NIST, OWASP, PCI DSS), Secure development and Secure software architecture
  • Network security
  • Problem solving
  • Information security policies
  • Firewall administration
  • Network protocols
  • Routers, hubs, and switches
  • Process improvement
  • Good programming skills: modern web application architecture, understanding of common design patterns and the ability to read and understand source code
  • Professional certificates in IT and Security from CISA or CISM
  • Very good communication and analytical skills


Hays Romania has been placing candidates in numerous roles related to cybersecurity, in technical positions across the Infrastructure area (eg: Network Security) and Penetration Testing roles, along with more analytical roles, especially in permanent markets.

Hybrid roles that combine both technical and analytical capabilities have proven popular –for industries where smart technologies and hybrid roles (iOT especially in automotive) have been adopted.

Sectors that have traditionally required high-level security systems, such as financial institutions and automotive companies – the pioneers in the iOT smart industries, remain popular employers for cybersecurity professionals, as do specific cybersecurity businesses in the Romanian Market. We expect this to replicate also for the e-commerce businesses, mainly because they work very closely to fintech corporations to process all payments securely.

We estimate that cybersecurity projects will increase by 2021 which will trigger higher needs for talent. So whether you’re a cybersecurity professional interested in a new challenge or are looking for talented cybersecurity personnel to support your organization, get in touch with us now.

Author: Pavel Otilia, Team Leader IT Division Hays Romania


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