Productivity is extremely important at work, regardless of the position you hold. You are not alone if you find it is challenging. Staying productive can be particularly difficult if you have diverse responsibilities, or find remote working to be disruptive. It is worth remembering that it allows you to work more efficiently, not necessarily more. So how do you maintain consistency?

Have a look through our tips to see what you can improve.

1. Plan your day

To increase productivity, you should learn to organise your working day. Plan any routine tasks so that the hardest ones get done at the times when you have the most energy. Finishing a particular project, even if it required concentration and hard work, will make you more inclined to drive on and maintain your productivity.

Schedule tasks for the afternoon that don't require as much effort – many people find that a good time to complete simple tasks is from 3pm or later. It can also be helpful to prepare an agenda for meetings or video calls. This will prevent prolonged conversations and the drop in energy you feel afterwards as a result.

Don't forget that planning is also about punctuality. Try not to be late for meetings, start work at the agreed time and avoid working overtime. Planning your day intelligently will make it easier to stay focused and productive and manage your tasks.

2. Keep your promise

When you get a task that doesn't have a specific deadline, think about how much time you need to complete it. Once you have determined when you anticipate completing the project, communicate this with the other stakeholders. A sense of responsibility and a desire to keep your word will make it easier to motivate yourself and work productively. However, don't forget to give yourself enough time to be diligent – a task completed too quickly may not produce the expected results. Also, making corrections or explaining unclear or incomplete information to a colleague requires extra time, which goes hand in hand with the risk of working overtime.

3. Don't forget to rest

To increase your productivity, remember that the most important element is to rest. The brain needs proper regeneration. Intense work and overwork over time can cause mental and physical exhaustion. A lunch break or stepping away from your desk to stretch your legs can boost your energy levels and relax you before the next task.

If you find it hard to manage your breaks, try using a 90-minute work schedule, with 10-15 minutes off in between each sprint. This will keep you productive and engaged throughout the day.

If you are ill, stay at home. Recovering fully will make it easier to stay healthy in the long term and reduce the chance of further absences.

4. Take care of your workspace

Boosting productivity and engagement is also helped by the space you work in. Make sure your office is organised and free from any distractions. Creating a nice and welcoming place to work will make all the difference to how you feel and, consequently, how well you handle any task.

5. Setting priorities

Multi-tasking can cause a drop in productivity. Therefore, it's a good idea to prioritise your responsibilities into categories of importance and do them in turn. Prioritising tasks will not only save you time, but will allow you to complete them more easily and with more satisfying results.

6. Be a team player

It is often impossible to complete a task alone. You may also need the opinion or guidance of another person. In this case, don't be afraid to ask questions and ask for help. By looking at the problem from the perspective of a person who is not involved in the project, you can get important clues and save time and, as a result, solve the problem quicker and more efficiently.

7. Reset your outlook

A positive attitude will help you see the good sides of your work and help you in times of pressure or stress. Stepping outside of a situation for just five minutes can help you reset your outlook. This can be difficult in practice, but stepping away, then looking at a problem from a different angle can transform what you thought was a massive problem into a tiny obstacle.

Remember, if you find working efficiently or prioritising task a challenge, you can always ask your manager for help. Their experience and expertise will certainly make it easier for you to take the next steps so you can be even more productive. Take action!


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