What is the perfect job for you?

Finding out what our dream job is a long and complex process that unfortunately not all of us manage to achieve. Many times we cannot find a job that we like or that fits our skills, so we end up demotivated. However, there are a number of ways we can get closer to the perfect job for us.

Whether you are looking to change jobs, start a new career or get your first position after graduation, at Hays we offer you a series of tips to be clear about your goals, both work and personal. 

1. Set a goal

For many people, a job related to their area of ​​study and work experience is enough, but the reality is that to feel really happy with your job you must find a position that suits your tastes and demands. And for this, you must first be clear about what you are looking for, what your ambitions are. 

Our advice is not to base the perfect job on money. Do not simply seek to reach a monetary figure, look for a sector that you like, tasks in which you feel fulfilled and a type of work that does not feel like such. What is really your goal? Work in a particular company? Have a chance to keep moving up? Getting into a leadership position? What really motivates you in your job?

2. You like your sector, but not your job

If you feel that your work has certain shortcomings, find out how you could improve them. Can you add those features or do you need to change jobs? Sometimes with a simple routine modification or simply changing departments in the same company you can get a job much more in line with your interests. A job change often causes us fear, so we prefer to stay in our place before facing the anxiety of a change. For this reason, do not dismiss your current job at the first time (unless you really do not like it), having the opportunity to improve it and maintain stability.

In case you're not sure how to change your work routine, tell your boss that you want a new approach. Explain what you would find most interesting and what things you could do to make your job more enjoyable and productive. Your boss will then know whether to give you other types of tasks or if it is best for you to change your position in the company.

3. What are your strengths?

Remember: the perfect job for you is the job you enjoy doing. And you generally enjoy doing what you're good at. What tasks do you like the most when it comes to work? In which ones do you feel that you can give everything of yourself? What would you love to be busy with?

Help yourself by making a list of your strengths and weaknesses: leading teams, learning new things, being creative, socializing… Write down all your skills and abilities as well as difficulties.

4. What opportunities are there?

When looking for the perfect job for you, you also need to keep your feet on the ground. Research the existing opportunities in the sector that interests you, what type of jobs you would like to fill and what type of experience and skills you need to fill them.

Look for all kinds of competitors in the industry who might be interested in your resume. Are there few companies, are there several multinationals or is it a growing sector in which new companies are constantly emerging? Finding out this type of information will let you know if you have a chance to grow in your job and receive new knowledge, or if you will get stuck in one type of job.

In conclusion, to find the perfect job for you, you must analyze a wide variety of factors, both internal and external. The market situation is an important factor to consider, but first you must be sure of what your personal and work goals are.

Remember: Mondays are not what you hate, what you don't like is your job. And if you don't like it, why don't you look for a change?


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