We understand the importance of staff retention and engagement – and the value of being recognised as an employer of choice – and our outplacement service gets to the very heart of these issues.

By delivering practical job-finding skills and emotional support we can help downsizing an organisation in a number of way. Our tailored programme will allow you to remain focus on your core business while their resourcing objectives are met.We offer comprehensive outplacement services that your exiting employees can access to help them through their career transition.
Employers may pick and choose from our available outplacement services depending on their employees’ needs.

A program dedicated to people with specialist and expert knowledge, as well as those who, in addition to being an expert, performed functions related to team management, e.g. coordinators, champions, change leaders

A program dedicated to people with well-established managerial experience, including both team and process management.

A program dedicated to people holding the positions of business area directors, managing directors, board members. Each program contains basic and optional elements that allow maximum adaptation of the process to the needs of the participant.

General structure of outplacement program:

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