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Hays RomaniaSalary Guide2021-2022

Discover salaries
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Hays RomaniaSalary Guide2021-2022

Discover salaries
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Discover the latest trends and insights

The Hays Romania Salary Guide is our annual remuneration guide with recruitment market trends and salary references for companies, hiring managers, employees and jobseekers. As the world’s leading specialist recruiting experts, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with invaluable insights that will help guide your hiring and career strategies. The second edition of the guide includes:

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Expert viewpoint on 8 market areas and industries

Expert viewpoint on 8 market areas

Salary ranges for over 200 positions

Salary ranges for over 200 positions

Employment trends and insights of the Romanian market

Employment trends and insights

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After a period of unexpected challenges and changes brought about by the global pandemic, a new reality has emerged. Teamwork, adaptability and flexibility are the keywords for the upcoming year in Romania. Organisations will need to rethink their strategies and respond to “The Great Resignation” of 40% of employees open to leave their current jobs; professionals will need to revisit and refresh their skills to keep up with a competitive and ever-evolving job market.

Understanding the current landscape is crucial for taking the right path at the crossroads employers and professionals are now at. Get a full overview and the latest salary data in the Hays Romania Salary Guide.

Overview MD message

A positive outlook for Romania

Timur Makhmutov

Bine aţi venit (welcome) to the Hays Romania Salary Guide 2021-2022. I am pleased to introduce the second edition of our annual salary guide in the context of a positive outlook for the upcoming period in Romania. Companies and professionals are keen to continue pursuing the top talent and the best career opportunities regardless of how socioeconomic circumstances might evolve. This guide helps us all make more informed decisions for our businesses, as it provides a snapshot of the present recruitment trends and salaries and allows us to glimpse future trends.

Timur Makhmutov,
Managing Director, Hays Romania

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  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Services
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Life Sciences
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Technology

Overview - Key findings

Key findings

Employers are optimistic about the coming years. Most did not have to lay off employees and continued to hire in the past 12 months, and more than half expect permanent staffing levels to increase. Soft skills are in demand in a context of rapid and continuous change, and old ways of working are being left behind. Although salary expectations are similar for employers and employees, professionals feel they deserve better and 40% would be happy to accept job offers elsewhere. Amidst so many changes and with the possibility of such a turnover looming, is your recruiting strategy heading in the right direction?


employers expect permanent staffing to increase over the next 12 months


employees are happy to consider a new job now or in the next 12 months

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Will your salaries and benefits help you to attract the best?

Download our guide to help inform your strategy

Discover the latest salary data and gain insight into the recruiting panorama in Romania, informed by a multitude of job listings, job offers, placements and our candidate database. Find out which skills are most in-demand and get an overview of what matters most to employers and employees, their expectations and views on today’s most relevant topics of the world of work and what the future could look like.

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