Workforce solutions that help your organisation to thrive

Think Hays is just about spot recruitment? Think again. Hays Enterprise Solutions create and deliver business driven workforce programmes that tackle today’s workforce challenges.

We don’t just supply the people you need to succeed. Our workforce solutions division, Hays Enterprise Solutions, creates and delivers workforce solutions that enable you to achieve your business objectives. Whether you need a simple time-capture and payroll programme for the contingent workers you find on your own, a multi-regional MSP solution to manage your staffing suppliers, or an expert to better position your employer brand, we have it covered.

With Hays Enterprise Solutions you can always be assured of the right talent strategy, without worrying about compliance, costs, processes and contract types.

As an expert in outsourced workforce solutions, we provide both technical know-how and expert support to deliver innovative, tailored recruitment process outsourcing and managed service programmes to organisations worldwide

Optimised recruitment processes to transform your organisation

Our objective for every client programme is to make sure you quickly get the talent you need. We ensure you always have access to the workers you require by tackling both the traditional controlling measures that improve talent procurement efficiency – cost, risk and process, and the enabling measures that deliver real competitive advantage in the new world of work – speed, experience and quality.

This includes building workforce solutions that leverage your brand, embrace alternative sources of talent, and empowering supplier partners to deliver both now and in the future. Our international network and deep knowledge of recruitment processes and technology enable us to improve access to the right workers for your business, optimise your recruitment process and control the cost at the same time.

Learn how to get more for your workforce spend

To learn more, visit our global website and discover what Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is, and the additional value a Managed Service Programme (MSP) can deliver. No matter what your recruiting or workforce management challenges, Hays Enterprise Solutions is here to support you. We have many specialised services such as Contractor management (CMO), and RPO Essentials that enable us to create a tailored solution for your unique use case.

We simplify workforce transformation to enable you and your organisation to thrive.

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