With so many people working remotely due to the Coronavirus, this hub provides everything you need in one place to help you to adapt to the new way of working. As your lifelong career partner we are with you every step of the way and will be updating this site regularly with new guides, blogs and information to support you.

Take a look here for further resources for remote workers.


The best video tools for home working

What's the best video solution for your business? Do you know your Skype from your WhatsApp? Find out more about the video interview options available to you.

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How to interview remotely

Interviewing a new candidate using Skype or another video tool has some very different considerations from interviewing face-to-face. Make sure you know everything you need to make your next hire a success.

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Onboarding from home

Keep things business as usual by learning how to welcome a new hire even when remote working. Download our guide to hiring, retaining and onboarding new workers whilst working from home.

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Manage remote working with a family

With childcare a distant memory, balancing work and family life has never been more of a challenge. Here are some tips to help you manage both.

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Maintaining your team’s wellbeing remotely

With remote working now the norm, the wellbeing of our teams has never been more important. How can you maintain your team’s wellbeing on a remote basis?

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Leading your team through change

The world of work is moving into a new era. Download our guide to better understand how to lead your team through this workplace evolution and implement changes quickly and successfully.

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Your business in the 'new normal' - Your people

In this guide we cover the possible effects on current employees, from their health and wellbeing to retaining these staff and keeping morale up amongst them. It also looks at larning and development and how to get internal communication right in this new era

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Your business in the 'new normal' - Your operations set up

How do your business operations need to adapt to the current climate? Will new models of working emerge? We look at how you can answer these questions in this guide.

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How managers can communicate effectively with their people using Microsoft Teams 

No matter where we find ourselves working in this new hybrid world, clear, frequent and effective communication and collaboration with our teams remains as important as ever – if not more so. We look at the most effective ways to utilise Microsoft Teams in this piece.

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Your business in the 'new normal' - Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many employers to fast-track their digital transformation - those that can take any lessons learned and strengthen their business models will be ahead of their competition. In this guide we cover the need to review current technology and provide guidance to help you plan for future requirements.

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Your business in the 'new normal' - Recruitment

How has COVID-19 impacted the skills you need in your organisation now and tomorrow? How will your recruitment plans need to change to handle this new era of work? In this guide, we share insights to help you answer these vital questions.

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Week 7

Six considerations HR Leaders should have when moving to a hybrid model of working

Are you trying to plan for how your business will function in the new era, but need some help? In the blog we take a look at six considerations for HR leaders when switching to a hybrid working model 

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Lessons Learnt: Simon Lance interview

In this interview with Simon Lance, Managing Director of Hays China, we find out the key learnings we can take from our Chinese business, and businesses in general across China as they’ve resumed their business activities over the past month or so. Most importantly, we understand the practical advice he has for businesses in countries that are just starting to enter this new era. 

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