Answering competency based interview questions


Competency based interview questions are used to identify whether an individual has the skills required for a role. It is to assess how you have demonstrated your experiences in the past and how you will apply them in the future.

Do you know how to portray your skills in an interview?

To get to the motivations and working style of a potential employee, employers often turn to behavioural interviewing. This consists of a series of probing, incisive questions which may sound a little intimidating; however with some preparation you can feel confident before the interview.

One of the most common interview methods used to test for competencies is called the STAR technique:

  • Situation - describe a situation you were in
  • Task - tell them what you decided to do
  • Action - describe what you actually did
  • Result - explain what happened as a result of your actions.

Review the job description in order to identify the skills the organisation is looking for. For each of these, try to think of specific examples of times when you have demonstrated those behaviours.

Download our step-by-step guide on how to approach competency with example interview questions.