Pay reviews

Pay reviews

When the opportunity to conduct a pay review comes up, it is important to be prepared. A well-executed pay review can have a dramatic impact on the success of your team.

Create a clear agenda

Prepare yourself for a structured, honest discussion, set a date and ask your employee to come prepared with specific evidence and examples.

Analyse your employee’s progress

  • Have they added value, increased productivity or saved the company money?
  • How quickly do they respond to urgent tasks?
  • Have they taken on extra responsibility?
  • Have they put in extra hours?

Remember to keep the review meeting constructive and positive - it can be daunting for your employee.

Next steps

Give a commitment as to when you should have an answer, if possible, and arrange a follow-up meeting. You may want time to consider the claim further, or to speak to colleagues or your consultant about the final decision.

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